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One of the most difficult choices we make in life is the decision to place a loved one in the care of a total stranger. Having done so, we assume that the home or facility we have selected will provide diligent and proper care. Sometimes, however, due to staff shortages, overworked personnel, overcrowding, or simple disorganization, mistakes are made. Infirm patients who should be watched constantly are left alone. Wrong medications are given or patients are left unattended for unreasonable periods of time. Abuse is another common form of nursing home neglect; with the misuse of restraints, lack of bed rails, or physical contactcontact abuse. As a result, your child, parent or grandparent is the one who suffers. If you have been alerted to a family member’s suffering, we can help.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of nursing home negligence, contact Trianta Longo LLP and schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. You will pay no fees until your case is won or settled.

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