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Our commercial litigation lawyers have extensive experience in resolving business disputes.  We act on behalf of those involved in shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of contract cases, real estate litigation, commercial tenancies and franchise disputes.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

If you are involved in a dispute with other shareholders or business partners, we can work with you to resolve your dispute whether it involves negotiating before a lawsuit, bringing or defending actions under the Business Corporations Act or Partnerships Act, or handling an appeal of any business related dispute.

Breach of Contract

We regularly act for those involved in contract disputes.  We have also acted for and against foreign parties in lawsuits in Ontario.

Real Estate Litigation

We have experience acting against brokers for breach of their duties to their clients, for parties to Agreements of Purchase and Sale that go bad whether the deal does not close or if there are latent defects.

Commercial Tenancies

Our commercial litigation lawyers act for commercial landlords and tenants in proceedings to terminate a lease, distress, lease breaches, and in cases involving relief from forfeiture.

Franchise Disputes

The Franchisor-Franchisee relationship gives rise to a unique relationship, obligations, and duties between those parties.  We have experience acting in litigation involving the Arthur Wishart Act, including at the Court of Appeal.

In certain circumstances, we offer alternative fee arrangements other than on an hourly rate basis